assim falou diane di prima

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destacamos a diane di prima, poetisa norte-americana, anarquista, budista, defensora da liberdade e da individualidade de cada um. escreve:

“it is still news to her that passion
could steer her wrong
though she went down, a thousand times
strung out
across railroad tracks, off bridges
under cars, or stiff
glass bottle still in hand, hair soft
on greasy pillows, still it is
news she cannot follow love (his
burning footsteps in blue crystal
snow) & still
come out all right.”

numa entrevista recente na verbicide magazine, de autoria de jack ellis,  diz sobre a importância da criatividade na contribuição para conseguir mudança e alteração:

“i think there are some — but not that many — people who, when they read something or see something, seriously conceive of themselves as creators or makers or changers of the world. it can be any of those — you might just stay home and play your flute, but that’s making something, and all of that goes into the changing of a world. but just going, ‘oh wow, look at this,’ doesn’t do anything.”


Written by imagoverbalis

Setembro 23, 2010 às 7:48 pm

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